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Customise the behaviour of the audio and video players

The audio and video players have a number of a configurable options that can be set on each player instance. 

The title of the audio/video can be displayed in the player inline with the play button.

Auto Start
Wether you have a single item set in the player or a playlist, setting auto start to on will begin playback once the player has loaded. 

Repeat Playback
Repeat playback applies to both individual items and playlists. When set to on the player will loop the content or playlist until the user stops playback. 

Mute Audio
When switched on, the player will mute the audio when playback begins. The user can un-mute the audio and adjust the volume as they wish. 

Set Volume
The volume input expects a value between 1 and 100. When set the player audio will be set to value in the input.

Rendering Mode
By default the player is rendered in HTML5 for the best cross browser support without requiring a 3rd party plugin. If you choose to change the rendering mode from HTML5 to Flash be aware that your videos won’t be available on mobile devices.

Player #ID
If you want to target a particular player instance with JavaScript or CSS you can give each player instance its own unique #ID by populating the input.