Contensis product roadmap

Our roadmap highlights the features and improvements planned for Contensis. Priorities can and do change depending on business need.

At Zengenti we are committed to executing iterative and rapid developments based on our product strategy for Contensis as well as feedback from our customers.

Read our What's our process article to understand how we prioritise features.

Currently working on

  • Roles and permissions
  • Content type validation
  • Azure authentication

Future initiatives

  • Field editor improvements
  • Channels and routing
  • Single use content types
  • Image API
  • Open source SDKs
  • Notifications engine
  • Simpler integrations



September 2017

  • HTTP / .NET Management API
  • Content type components for richer content modelling
  • Delivery API - taxonomy support
  • Entry editor improvements


To get a full understanding of the changes that have been made in Contensis since 9.0 take a look at our What's new page.


November 2015

  • Master pages
  • Populo
  • Responsive preview
  • Log viewer and logging framework


April 2015

  • Improved content creation
  • Trigger keywords
  • New CMS search
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Developer improvements
  • UX and performance improvements


September 2014

  • Image replacement and versioning
  • Hyperlink and release management
  • Responsive video
  • Recycle bin
  • Propertied razor views
  • Marketplace
  • Improved form administration


August 2013

  • UI redesign
  • HTML5 support
  • New WYSIWYG editor
  • Improved publishing

Updated: 17/11/2016