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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

Contensis 10.1

  • New Feature

    Azure AD

    You can now integrate your Azure AD instance with Contensis to help manage seamless single sign-on for the members of your organisation.

    How to configure Azure AD with Contensis.

  • New Feature

    Item count validation

    You can now restrict authors from populating fields that support multiple items, such as images, entries or taxonomy to meet a minimum, maximum or range of expected values. Alternatively you can use this validation to determine how many fields can be added to a repeatable field.

    How to set item count validation.

  • New Feature

    Markdown editor - dark theme

    As part of updating the default theme in the markdown editor, we've introduced a dark theme for those who don't like to look at a bright screen. 

    How to apply the dark theme.

  • New Feature

    Repeatable fields

    Enable an author to create lists of values of the same field type in an entry. Once this option is enabled on a field, multiple items can be added, removed and ordered in the repeated list.

    Read the documentation.

  • Update

    AD FS configuration

    We've updated the AD FS configuration so that you can use the same AD FS server for development and production environments.

  • Update

    AD FS localisation

    You can now localise the AD FS login button on front end sites.

  • Update

    Content owner in .NET Delivery API

    The content owner is now accessible through the .NET Delivery API when requesting an entry.

  • Update

    Content search

    • When localisations were switched on the content search did not display correctly this has now been resolved.
    • We've also improved the highlighting of matched search terms in the quick search, from the top toolbar.
  • Update

    Content type builder - deselect fields

    You can now deselect fields in the content type builder, especially helpful if you add a composer into your content type first!

  • Update

    Content type builder - inline validations

    We now carry out inline validation for field ID, field name and content type name in the content type builder.

  • Update

    Date range validation

    We've improved the inline validation of date range fields. We now highlight fields when only one date has been set. 

  • Update

    Entry language variation workflow

    We now hide single language content types from the language variation workflow.

  • Update

    Image field keyboard navigation

    We've removed the ability to tab through single and multiple images editors when marked as read-only to improve keyboard accessibility.

  • Update

    Location editor

    We've updated the behaviour of the location editor. Previously a location would always have a lat/long set in an entry, this could lead to incorrect locations being published if an author hadn't changed it. You can now set a default map position as well as setting a default value for a location if required.

    The new properties are explained in the location article.

  • Update

    Markdown editor - default theme

    The default markdown theme has had a complete overhaul, its now nicer to write in. We've taken more consideration to code snippets, links and tables, and the side by side preview gives a clearer representation of your content.

  • Update

    Metadata republish audit

    We now audit a metadata republish when actioned from the Management Console.

  • Update

    Quote editor

    We've improved the behaviour of the requires source toggle button in the quote editor to only display the validation message text box when the toggle is set to yes.

  • Update


    • We've given the relationships panel in the editor some love with a refresh.
    • You can now edit an item of content from the panel.
    • You can also view information about a relationship by clicking the info button.
  • Update

    REST services

    All our REST services have GZIP enabled by default,  optimising delivery.

  • Update

    Rich text editor

    You can now use tables in the rich text editor, by inserting them from the editor toolbar.

  • Update

    System diagnostics scan

    We've updated our system diagnostics scans to work with TLS 1.2.

  • Update

    Varnish cache invalidation

    If you host on our cloud platform, a change made to an entry will now cause all pages using that entry to invalidate their cache rather than waiting for their natural expiry. This means that changes are instant across your site when publishing entries. 

  • Update

    WYSIWYG editor

    • We've update the editor to support advanced formatting of list options from the toolbar.
    • The HTML5 schema has been updated to support OL attributes for type and reversed. 
    • The order of the web control menus is now alphabetical, making it easier to locate propertied razor views that you've created.
  • Bug

    Duplicate logs

    Fixed an issue where in some instances two validation errors in an entry would be displayed in the log viewer for an asset field.

  • Bug

    Forms module

    We fixed an issue in the forms builder where it was possible to remove all values from a dropdown field, with no way of adding a new one back in.

  • Bug

    Monaco editor

    • We've fixed a small bug where after checking in a piece of content, opening the same content in read-only mode would allow you to edit the content.
    • Fixed an issue where the code editor would incorrectly split attributes in some code scenarios.
  • Bug

    Propertied razor views - entry picker

    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't save a propertied razor view without setting an entry, from the entry picker.
    • You can now deselect an entry from the entry picker in a propertied razor view.

You are at the end of the updates

Many developments occurred before March 2017, but they are not logged here. Contensis 9 is the beginning of this new format for highlighting changes to Contensis, for older versions you will need to refer to the developer changelogs.