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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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Contensis 11.1

  • New Feature

    .NET Core Support

    The .NET Delivery and Management APIs have been updated to support .NET Core, allowing developers to create applications on any platform using content types and entries.

  • New Feature

    Copy an entry

    You can now copy an existing entry through the actions menu in the entry listing.

  • New Feature

    Limit the images and assets displayed in the gallery

    Content that is displayed in the asset gallery can now be limited - ideal if you have large image and document collections in your project. Simply choose the folders that should be displayed for a field by specifying it in the content type.

  • New Feature

    Reduce the fields returned by the Delivery API

    Developers can now limit the field data returned from the Delivery API when making a request using the search, GET and list methods. This makes it easier to interact with the data returned whilst saving bandwidth for those visiting your site. This is avaliable from the HTTP, .NET and JS APIs.

  • New Feature

    Unpublish an entry

    Removing content from your site or application is now possible using the unpublish feature. You'll need permission, but this is easily setup in the roles screen.

  • Update

    Entry editor performance

    As we've seen content types become more complex, and content models begin to expand we've revisited the entry editor with a focus on improving the performance.

    The entry editor now feels snappier to use, we've reduced the number of API calls, cache duplicate requests and lazy load the field editors as they come into view.

  • Update

    Entry filters

    Contensis now remembers the filters and searches you created the last time you were in the listings screen. This makes it easier to switch between an entry and the listing as you review large groups of content.

  • Update

    Rich text field

    Native browser spellchecking is now available in the rich text editor in content types and entries.

  • Update

    Roles builder

    You can now search for users in the roles screen by their email address.

  • Bug

    Images with required caption

    We've fixed an issue where entries created from a content type that had a required image caption, would fail to publish if an image and caption were not inserted.

  • Bug

    Minimum and maximum number validation

    We've fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to set a minimum or maximum number field validation to 0.

  • Bug

    Newly added users

    We've fixed an issue where a newly added user would not show up in the user assignment dropdown of the roles builder.

You are at the end of the updates

Many developments occurred before March 2017, but they are not logged here. Contensis 9 is the beginning of this new format for highlighting changes to Contensis, for older versions you will need to refer to the developer changelogs.