What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

Contensis 10

  • Breaking change


    In Contensis 10 we have updated the lng property of a location to be lon. We did this to bring consistency between our Delivery API and search.

    Elasticsearch natively stores locations as lat/lon, prior to this change our API would return locations as lat/lng. This was confusing as you were given a location differently to how you were expected to search for it.

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  • Breaking change


    In Contensis 10 we have updated the way taxonomy is accessed. In 9.2 and earlier, taxonomy nodes could only be accessed using the Web API. The Delivery API now has full access to taxonomy nodes but with the following breaking changes.

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  • New Feature


    Components are groups of fields that can be used to define custom building blocks of content that can be used across your content types. You can use components as a standard fields in a content type or add them to a composer to create dynamic areas of content that can be used in your pages or marketing sites.

    So, whether you want to add social cards, ensure all of your pages have the fields they need for good SEO, or create card content to use on landing pages, build new components that can be reused anywhere.

  • New Feature

    Delivery API - Taxonomy

    The Delivery API now has full access to taxonomy nodes, so you no longer need to use the CMS API to get hold of taxonomy content in your entries.

  • New Feature

    Management API

    We know that many of you have content stored across many different systems that you'd love to be able to use in your websites or mobile apps. We wanted to simplify the process of importing content into content types and entries. So, we've introduced our new HTTP and .NET Management API to make it quicker and easier to bring content from other systems into Contensis. 

  • New Feature

    Read-only fields

    We had feedback that some imported data needed to be visible to authors but not editable. To solve this issue we have introduced the concept of read-only fields within an entry. 

    Simply mark a field as read-only in the content type builder and changes then can't be made to the field through the UI. This has no bearing on the API.

  • Update


    • Updated the file type extensions in the image editor.
    • Updated the language used in the create a relationship window to make it clearer what the assignment of templates does.
  • Bug

    Content types and entries

    Fixed an issue where the wrong language of an entry was being shown in the UI due to the default language for the project not being adhered to.

  • Bug

    Projects overview

    Fixed an issue where people have access to the project overview screen who shouldn't.

  • Bug

    Publishing servers

    Fixed an issue where the REST security endpoint had not been updated in the CMS API which prevented publishing servers from deploying.

You are at the end of the updates

Many developments occurred before March 2017, but they are not logged here. Contensis 9 is the beginning of this new format for highlighting changes to Contensis, for older versions you will need to refer to the developer changelogs.