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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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Contensis 11

  • Breaking change

    .NET Management API

    The Publish() and PublishAsync() methods are now extension methods.

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  • Breaking change

    HTTP Management API

    The endpoint for entry workflow invoke has moved.

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  • New Feature

    Entry activity

    Understanding the journey of your content is important. The new entry activity panel in the entry editor provides an overview of who's been involved in the production of your content. It's also where you'll see any messages that have been added during the different stages of the workflow.

    Entry activity

  • New Feature

    Roles and permissions

    You can now give granular permission to groups of users in your organisation to manage content entries by creating roles.

    Creating a role enables you to set explicit permission to content, by type and language allowing you to create rich roles for different teams. You also get to manage these in one place, making it easier to get an overview of who is managing your content.

    View the roles and permissions documenation

  • New Feature

    Unified search in the Delivery API

    You can now use the Delivery API to create a unified search between entries, existing webpages and assets such as documents and images.

  • New Feature


    Not all content needs to go through the same process. We've introduced two types of workflow to entries, allowing you to choose how your content can be governed.

    Basic workflow enables you to create and publish content without needing approval, whilst the approval workflow requires someone to review the content before its published.

    Using the new roles builder you can determine who your authors and approvers are.

    Workflow overview

  • Update

    Entry listing

    We've reviewed the entries listing since adding workflow and have made some changes to improve the experience.

    • The listing is now permission based, set by the roles you may be part of, bringing focus to the content that you're responsible for.
    • A new published column tells you if there is a published version of the entry.
    • We've given the listing alternating striped rows to help tracking through large lists.
    • We've tweaked our colour palette to have more contrast to be WCAG AA compliant.
    • Dates now have a sprinkling of natural language to show what has been updated today and yesterday.
    • We now reset any filters that may be applied when navigating using the breadcrumb or navigation drawer.
    • The listing screen now updates after an entry has been deleted.
  • Update

    Faceted entry search

    You can now locate the entries that matter to you using the new faceted search. Build up rich search criteria based on content type, language, current status and translation status, just check and uncheck the items to build your search and find the content thats important to you.

    View search and filter entries

  • Update

    Page count in the Delivery API

    We now return the number of pages (PageCount) for a given page size when using a PagedList.



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Many developments occurred before March 2017, but they are not logged here. Contensis 9 is the beginning of this new format for highlighting changes to Contensis, for older versions you will need to refer to the developer changelogs.