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Populo licensing

Populo is a licensed feature and is available to customers already using Contensis 8.3.

Obtain and apply a Populo license key

To begin using Populo, you’ll need to contact your account manager to obtain a license key that has been updated to support the new features in Contensis 8.3.

A key will be generated containing both the license key and a shared secret to enable the Populo features in the Contensis, and provide access to the Contacts API. Once generated, your new license key will be available to you on the Your license key page. Follow the procedure on this page to install your license key.

Checking the license key is applied

There are a number of ways to validate that the license key has been installed correctly.

Check the forms module UI

  1. Edit any form within your CMS
  2. Click on form settings and ensure the Customer Experience Management container is available in the panel.

Use the preview in the editor

  1. Edit any page of content in the CMS
  2. Click on Preview in the editor toolbar
  3. The responsive preview toolbar should be shown and include a Personalise button

Verify using the publishing server screen

  1. Open project Settings from the management console
  2. Navigate to Publishing Servers
  3. Edit the live publishing server
  4. Look for the checkbox to enable Populo in the general settings container.

If any of these options displays the relevant user interface elements, then the license key has been installed successfully.