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Number validation

The number validation checks the values of a field are within a specified range. You can define a range by specifying the minimum and the maximum values (the values are included in the range). Alternatively, you can specify only minimum or maximum value to set a constraint on a the minimum/maximum allowed value.



How to set the validation

With a content type open for editing:

  1. Select the number or decimal field you want to set a validation rule for and select the Validation tab from the Field Settings panel.
  2. Set a value for the minimum, maximum, or both fields to set a range of values.
    • Minimum - allows you to set an expected minimum value that needs to be met. e.g. Requires a minimum value of 10.

    • Maximum - allows you to set the maximum value that can be set in the field. e.g. Requires a maximum value of 100.

    • Minimum and maximum - allows you to set a range of values that can be set in the field. e.g. Requires a value between 10-100.

An alternative validation message can be added by entering it in the validation message text box for each value. This will be displayed if the field fails validation when published.