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HTML5 doctype

This article explains how to output a Contensis page so that it uses the HTML5 doctype, rather than the default of XHTML. This setting would usually be set when starting a new project but can be set retrospectively.

Set a project to use HTML5

  1. Click View Management Console. Click on or expand Project Setup.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. You will need to locate the Project_HtmlDoctype setting (usually filtering by name is the quickest method).
  4. Click on the Edit icon for the Project_HtmlDoctype setting, the General Settings for Project_HtmlDoctype screen will open.
  5. The default doctype is set to XHTML and is indicated by the value of 0. Change the value to a 1 to update the doctype to HTML5.
  6. Click Save, the doctype setting will be saved and the setting screen will close, returning you to Settings.

Update existing pages to the updated HTML doctype

Once you have set the Project_HtmlDoctype setting, pages won't automatically update to use the new Doctype on your published site. For the change to take effect you need to republish all your webpages.

The easiest way to do this is to republish a base template or similar, i.e. a template that is used in all of your pages. If your templates aren't set up in this way then you could right mouse click on your root folder and select Republish contents from the context menu, be aware this will republish all content for your website, not just web pages.