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Introducing Populo

With Populo we introduced the foundation of our platform which will focus on building an understanding of the visitors that come to your Contensis published website and provide ways to personalise the content they receive.

Understanding the visitors that interact with your organisation is the fundamental basis of customer experience management. Populo takes the basic concept of site analytics (think Google Analytics) and layers on a rich understanding of an individual visitor. This understanding is gained through information the visitor provides, or is learnt during their browsing session.

Site analytics captures information from a visitors browser session; for example the user agent string, IP address, pages they’ve viewed and session duration. This is known as implicit data capture.

This data can be combined with information that the visitor provides through form submissions, such as their name, email address or the company that they work for, this is known as explicit data capture.

Combining this data helps to build a contact in the Populo database.

The power of Populo comes from the understanding the contact visiting your website and personalising or enhancing the experience they receive by using these new insights.


University, international students

A university may want to replace the content on their homepage to be more relevant to prospective students from outside the UK.


A council may want to understand if a visitor is currently located outside the borough to highlight visitor information or tourist attractions in the area.