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Closed captions / subtitles with multiple languages

The video player supports the rendering of closed captions or subtitles in the video display. These captions can be selected by viewers through the CC button. 

Supported formats

The video player supports captions in the following formats:

  • WebVTT, a plain text format that's part of the HTML5 standard.
  • SRT, a plain text format that's popular amongst file sharers.

WebVTT captions are preferred, since they are part of the HTML5 standard. The video player supports all formats across all browsers in both Flash and HTML5 mode. The player does not yet support captions on mobile devices (Android/iOS), since it's not yet possible to render them. These devices don't support text tracks natively.

VTT Example

Here is an example VTT file containing three caption cues. As you can see, this format is easy to understand and can be authored within the Contensis editor:

Adding closed caption text tracks

Adding text tracks to a video player is pretty straight forward. You'll need to add the appropriate caption content type (WebVTT or SRT) that you are using to your project, if you not sure how follow our adding content types article.

  1. Assuming that your captions have be uploaded to the system locate a page where you have a video player control added.
  2. Right click the video player webcontrol and select Webcontrol Properties from the context menu. The Control properties screen will open.
  3. Select the Closed Captions tab
  4. Use the green add button to open the content browser.
  5. Select a caption file you have uploaded from the navigator tree and press Save.
  6. The text track you added will be displayed in the content list with a count of how many text tracks are present.
  7. You can add as many text tracks as you wish, which is ideal if you want multiple translations of your caption content, simply repeat the process.
  8. Press Save to commit your changes.
  9. When you preview the player, a CC button will now be visible in the player control bar.

Things to be aware of

  • Closed captions need to be in the UTF-8 charater set before uploading or you may experiencing rendering issues in the player.
  • In order for captions to play you must serve the correct mime-types in IIS for your captions. Follow our MIME types article for the correct configuration.