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Playback external content using RSS playlists

This article takes you through the process of giving your player an RSS feed playlist. 

The player loads external playlists using the RSS feed format. It is a basic XML format supported by many web services. Although many playlist formats are available (e.g. ASX, ATOM, M3U, XSPF), the video player only supports RSS. The player can play basic RSS feeds (using the <enclosure> tag), as well as RSS feeds using MediaRSS.

Using an RSS playlist

  1. With your content uploaded and a video or audio web control inserted into your page. Open the Webcontrol Properties from the context menu. The Control properties screen will open.
  2. Select the Playlist tab.
  3. You'll be presented with a series of Playlist Types in the form of radio buttons. By default CMS Content will be selected. Select the RSS radio button.
  4. Paste the RSS URL to your video content in the input box
  5. Simply press Save for the RSS playlist to be applied.

    Note: The JW Player that Contensis uses, used to support YouTube playlists. Since YouTube introduced a restrictive cross domain policy, YouTube playlists are no longer supported.