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Change the workflow of a content type

Depending on your organisation different content will likely be assigned to different workflows. By default all content types are assigned to the basic workflow, but a workflow can easily be changed to another type.

  1. Open the content type you want to change the workflow for by pressing the Edit in the Content type listing screen.
  2. When the Content type builder opens, the settings for the content type will be displayed in the Details panel.
  3. Scroll down to the workflow section and change the workflow from one type to another.
  4. Press Save followed by Publish to save your changes.

What happens to entries that are assigned to a new workflow?

Basic to approval

If you change the workflow of a content type from the Basic workflow to the Approval workflow the entry states would remain the same.

Approval to basic

If you change from the Approval workflow to the Basic workflow and there are entries in states which do not exist e.g. Awaiting approval then these entries will be moved to Work in progress.