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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.
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Hyperlink management

In Contensis, external URLs and mailto links are managed on a project basis by a centralised service allowing you to use and manage the same link in multiple pages across your website.

Convert old links to managed links

We've created a service that works its way through all the Live and Edit versions of a page updating all external and mailto links to managed links.

The service we created is called Content Modification Service and it can be found in Services of the Management Console. When the service is running you will be able to see list of hyperlinks and their usage statistics update in the Hyperlink Management  screen found in Project Setup off the Management Console

Links in templates

Links will also be created from standard anchor tags in your HTML templates. Any links that are contained within your templates when you paste them into Contensis will be converted to managed links in the backend, whilst keeping the anchor tag within the template.

If you edit a link in a page in the source code editor, then a new managed link will be created or a usage for the link will be added if the link already exists as a managed link.

The title attribute on links does not update the title on the backend of link management as we only manage the URL's in the backend, not the link text or title. This is so we can give you the biggest flexibility when adding in links whilst still being able to store links centrally.

Hyperlink management screen

In order to see the Hyperlink Management screen you will need to be a member of the Hyperlink Administrators group or a System Administrator. The Hyperlink Management  screen can be found under Project setup of the Management Console.  This screen allows you to see all of your managed links and see where they are used across your pages.

  1. Click View Management Console in the project explorer.
  2. Expand Project Setup. 
  3. Select Hyperlink Management.

Adding a new link

Creating links is exactly the same way as it was before, with a slight difference.

  • When adding an external URL you will be presented with a list of current URLs in the system, you can select any of these or continue typing a new one.
  • If you set a title on a new link then this will be added with the hyperlink as the content title and will be shown when this link is next used in the autosuggest. 

Note: The autosuggest will only suggest links that are the same language as the page you are adding the link to.


Update a link in a page

Links can be updated in the same way as before, simply right click on a link when editing a page and select Edit Hyperlink from the context menu. This will bring up the Insert/Edit Hyperlink screen and from here you can change the URL, the title of the link as well as display properties such as any classes that should be applied to the link.

Updating a link in a page will only change that instance of the link. If you want to make a change to a link across your whole site, then you must edit the link from the Hyperlink Management screen.


Update a link globally across a site

It's possible to update an existing link across your entire site. You may have different references to the Google homepage e.g. and want to update them to

From the Hyperlink Management Screen

  1. Locate the link you want to edit in the table.
  2. Click Edit. A new screen will be displayed.
  3. Update the URL Address and click Save.
  4. Click to Submit the link as you would for a page.

Warning: Updating a link in this screen will republish all pages that make use of that link. Refer to the Usage Statistics column to see how many pages editing the link will effect before Approving the change.

Delete links

When deleting a link from the Hyperlink Management screen in the Management Console, the link will be moved to the Recycle Bin.

All pages that contain that link will be republished and the link will be removed from the page. If you were to restore the link and approve it, the pages would have the link added back in, but only if you manually published the pages. If you were to edit a page with the deleted link, before restoring, the link would be removed as part of the editing proccess.


Delete unused links

Any link that isn't used on a page, whether the page is live, archived or in the recycle bin will be removed each night as part of a nightly housekeeping service, keeping your managed links screen clean and clutter free.

There is a project setting of ManagedLinks_DeleteUnusedLinks  which can be used to turn off this process by setting to value to false.

Restore deleted links

When restoring a deleted link from the Recycle Bin, pages that haven't been edited and republished will have the link restored back to where they were originally. Where the page has been edited and has a new live page the link will not be restored.