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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.
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What is metadata?

Metadata is data about data. More specifically, in Contensis metadata is a way to give extra information about your page such as the author of a page, a description of what the page contains and some related keywords.

Default metadata

We recommend you set up default metadata for all of your pages, including keywords and a page description. Metadata is used in various web controls within Contensis, for example a generic listing control will display your pages description along with it's title.

Creating metadata

Contensis allows you to assign metadata to a folder in the Project Explorer. This way so you can have different metadata for different areas of your site.

  1. Click on the folder you want to change metadata for. The contextual menu will appear, select Properties.
  2. The Folder Properties screen will open up. Navigate to the Metadata tab and press the Create Metadata button. The Create Metadata Definition popup window will now be displayed.
  3. Leave the Definition Type as the default setting of Standard. In the General Settings section of the form give your metadata a name and complete the rest of the options. For example name the metadata Description and set the max length to 155 characters.
  4. Check the boxes Output to webpage, Output to Database and Auto assign to page templates. This will save the metadata in your web pages, the database and assign the metadata to page templates automatically. Click Save.
  5. You will be returned to theFolder Properties screen. Press on the small plus icon in the far right column. This will open the Assigned Content Types popup window.
  6. Click either Assign Content Types or Assign Page Templates and select a content type or a page template to assign the metadata to. Click Save.

Your metadata will now be available under the Properties tab on the content type and pages that use the template you assigned the metadata to.

Publishing metadata for documents

We allow you to publish metadata for documents that can be viewed within the document properties when downloaded from your website. Currently you can publish metadata for Word documents and Excel spreadsheets and we publish out the author, description and keywords for the file. To do this you need to make sure that the project setting PublishMetadataForDocuments is set to True.

Finer control over metadata

As with JavaScript and Stylesheets, you can have finer control over how metadata is used in your templates through the Web API in the custom code section of your template. See below for a reference for what can be achieved in the Web API.