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Copy an entry

If you find yourself producing entries that are very similar, you can create a copy of an existing entry from the listing screen. You'll need to be a member of a role with create permission for the type of entry you are attempting to copy.

Follow these steps to create a new entry based on an existing entry:

  1. Press the Content Types & Entries button in the sidebar. The Content Types & Entries drawer will open revealing a number of options.
  2. Select Entries to open the Entries listing screen.
  3. Locate the entry you want to copy from the listing and press the Actions button indicated by the triple dot icon. A dropdown menu will be displayed.
  4. Select Copy from the menu, the entry will be copied and opened for editing. The new entry title will be prefixed with 'Copy of'.
  5. The new entry is available for editing without needing to repopulate all the fields.

Note: If you are making a copy of an entry that has translations you'll also be given the opportunity to copy any you have permission for via a confirmation window.