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Approve or decline a social media post

This article goes through the process required to approve or decline social media posts that have been submitted through the social media manager module.

Approval screen

You can find the approval screen under the tick icon in the header of the Contensis UI. This is the same screen that is used when approving other pieces of content. The social media posts can be found under the Social Media tab.

Approving a post

You can approve a post in two ways, by either using Quick Approve or the Approve/Decline link. Quick Approve is a way for approvers to approve a post without having to go into the detailed view to see what the post is. Whereas, the Approve/Decline link allows approvers to go into a detailed view and see everything they need to know about the post, who submitted it, when it is due to publish once approved as well as the Approve/Decline links.

Declining a post

After clicking on the applicable Approve/Decline link in the social media approve screen, a new screen will load displaying the post options and details. By clicking on the Decline icon, a new dialogue window will popup, where the approver can specify a reason for declining the post. To send the message to the user who submitted the post simply click on the Send button.