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Bulk uploading files

In this article you will learn how to use the Bulk Upload wizard to upload multiple files to your Contensis project.

  1. Navigate to the folder you will upload your files to, press it and select Bulk Upload from the context menu. The Bulk Upload wizard will open.
  2. Press the Browse button on the Bulk Upload screen.
  3. Find the .zip file on your computer and press Next. The file upload progress bar will be displayed.
  4. Once uploaded, the wizard will open the .zip file and list each file individually depending on the permissions of the folder you selected to upload to. [1]
  5. You will then be able to submit the files for approval.
  6. Pressing Finish completes the import process. Where you are given the option to upload another .zip file.

[1] If a content type has not been added to the project or the folder selected then it will not be uploaded. If you are a System Administrator then you will be given the option to assign the content type to the project and/or folder and submit the files.