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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.

Image API

The Image API lets you manipulate and apply image transformations to images in Contensis and speed up image delivery.

Delivery API

The Delivery API is a platform agnostic API, that focuses on delivering content created in content types and entries to your website or application.
  • HTTP
    Access resources from the Delivery API REST services as JSON, using your preferred language.

    Use our .NET Delivery API to simplify the accessing of projects, content types and entries.

    Use the JavaScript Delivery API for server-side Node applications or for client-side rendering using frameworks such as React.

Management API

The Management API enables you to import and manage content within content types and entries.
    • HTTP
      Manage resources from the Management API REST services as JSON, using your preferred language or framework.
    • .NET
    • Use our .NET Management API to simplify the management of projects, content types and entries.


The Web API allows you to access your web page content, relationships and content stored in the project explorer.