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Manage form responses

All form responses are stored in the CMS database and are available from the top toolbar. You can also send a notification email to somebody automatically as mentioned above if a form response needs to be actioned immediately.

For each form you will see the form name, path of the form, the number of total and unread responses (posts), the last post and an audit trail of the form options. To view the posts you can simply click on View Posts . You can also export all form posts as CSV to import into other applications if needed.

Each form post has a read/unread flag, this is so that once a form has been actioned it can be marked as read. You can mark a form response as read from the form post detail screen, the form posts listing screen or the notification email.

Every action against a form response is logged in the audit trail which can be viewed by clicking on the form in the Project Explorer and selecting Audit Trail or clicking on the audit trail link against each form in the form responses viewer.

Enabling notifications

This is a required step to be able to receive emails from your forms.

  1. Click the View Management Console icon in the Project Explorer tray or the top navigation.
  2. Click through to Email Notifications, you should see here a type of notification called Form posts.
  3. This needs to be enabled, this is also where you can change the from address.