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Form page rules

If you have very large forms that need to be paginated, page rules can help you manage the way users navigate your forms.

How page rules work

Page rules are made up of a condition and an action that allow you to jump the user from one page to another. But be careful not to make the form impossible to complete, jumping the user around the pages in an endless loop!

Each rule is determined by a subject, comparison and a value.

  • Subject - this is the field that drives the rule.
  • Comparison - this is how you want to evaluate the subjects value to make the condition true.
  • Value - this is the choice or data the user must select or type into the form to make the condition true.

Each type of field has the following comparisons.

  • Number - is equal to, is greater than, is less than.
  • Checkbox, dropdown, radio - is, is not.
  • Email, multiline, phone, textbox, website - is, is not, contains, does not contain, begins with, ends with.

Page rule builder

You can get to the page rule builder by clicking through to the Form Settings tab when editing any form inside of Contensis and clicking on the Edit Page Rules button. From this page you will see a button labelled Add a new rule which will bring you to the area to create, edit and remove form page rules. Your form must have multiple pages before you can use this feature.

To add pages to your form you simply need to drag in a page break from the left hand toolbox when editing a form, this will split the form into pages.

You can return to the form builder at any time by clicking on the Edit form button at any time.

Viewing page rules in the form builder

Once a page rule has been set any rules will be visible in the form builder on the relevant page break field. This allows you to simply check any current rule logic while you build your form. Clicking the pencil icon will take you to the Page Rule Builder screen which shows the full list of rules. To view the rules as sentences within the Form Builder, click the eye icon. To close them simply click the yellow cross icon.