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Create an entry

An Entry is a piece of content that has been created from a content type. You can create unlimited entries for a content type.

  1. Press the Content Types & Entries button in the sidebar. The Content Types & Entries drawer will open revealing a number of options.
  2. Select Entries to open the Entries listing screen.
  3. Press the New entry button, a list of content types based on your permissions will be displayed.
  4. Select the content type from the list that you want to create a new Entry for, you can use the filter bar to reduce the number of content types shown in the list. The Entry editor screen be displayed.
  5. The fields in the Entry editor can now be populated. Press Save between any changes that have been made. The minor version will increment upon each save. Take a look at our entry versioning article for details of how entries are versioned.
  6. When you have finished creating your entry you can either Submit your content for approval, or Publish the content depending on the workflow type assigned to the content type .