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Delete a project

A project can only be deleted by a System Administrator with access to the Management Console. Please bear in mind that deleting a project is irreversible. The only way to restore a project is from a database backup.

Note: You must always have one project in Contensis. If you are attempting to delete the last project, then the Delete button described in these steps will not be displayed.

  1. Navigate to the project you want to delete using the Project selector from the sidebar.
  2. Open the Management Console and select Project Overview.
  3. Press the Delete button in the project. A Delete project window will be displayed.
  4. Type the project name. If the name entered into the text box matches the project name the Delete button will become active.
  5. Confirm deletion by pressing the I understand, delete the project button.
  6. The project will be deleted and you'll be returned to the Contensis dashboard and taken to the first project you created.

Note: When you delete a project from Contensis a cleanup process takes place overnight to remove the underlying project.