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Set a preview page for entries

If you want to enable a preview page for your entries whilst you are developing a new view for a site, you'll need to provide a URL to a page containing a Razor view that will render your content.

  1. Open the content type you want to set a preview page for by pressing the Edit button in the Content type listing screen.
  2. When the Content type builder opens, the settings for the content type will be displayed in the Details panel.
  3. Enter a URL in the Preview URL text box with a query string parameter that expects the GUID of an entry.


  4. Once the URL has been set a Preview button will appear in the entry editor.

Note: You can use the {GUID}, {LANG} and {SLUG} strings to specify where you want the GUID, language and slug of the entry to be placed in the URL.

Entries attached to nodes

Once an entry has been attached to a node in the Site view tree, each of the URLs that the entry is attached to will be displayed in a preview dropdown menu from the entry editor toolbar. The canonical URL will be the default preview option.