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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.

Enable the development theme

When using Contensis in an enterprise environment it's likely that you'll be using multiple instances of Contensis, one for development and another for production.

To make it easier to distinguish between your development and production environments, you can turn on a development theme that updates the colour scheme of the Contensis user interface.

A screenshot of the Contensis login screen with the development theme applied

To enable the development theme follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your development instance of Contensis, go to the Management Console.
  2. Select Global Settings. Use the Setting Name box and type dev followed by enter to filter the listing to find the EnableDevTheme global setting.
  3. Press Edit on the far right side of the table. The Edit Global Setting window will open.
  4. Change the default value of False to True and press Save.
  5. With the setting now changed, if you refresh your browser you should now see the development theme applied.