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Crop an image

Any image can be cropped using the crop tool in the Image Editor. This is a useful way to resize an image without changing its proportions, pick out areas of detail or generally tidy up the edges of the image.

  1. Right click on your image and select Create Variation to open the Image Editor screen.

  2. Click on the image, you will see that it darkens and a small box appears. This is the cropping mask.
  3. Select the cropping mask and drag open the box. Click and drag any of the anchor points on the outline of the cropping mask to change its dimensions.

  4. Left click and hold to move the mask around the image.
  5. Click Save to open the save pop-up window. Fill in image details and click Save.

    crop image 5

After one or more edited versions of an image have been saved, they will show as sub image Altered Versions under the original image in the Project Explorer.

crop image 6