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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.

Customise who's who metadata

If you want to make new custom metadata values available within the who’s who module – here is how you do it.

  1. Navigate to the Management console and select Taxonomy Manager from the list, then left click to select the Root taxonomy node. This will bring up a menu on the right where you can add a Child Name (the first child name you enter must be Users).
  2. Left click to select the Users taxonomy node you just created. The menu on the right will appear again, press on Save Node.
  3. You can now manually add any of the following predefined Child Nodes in the same way:
    • Cities
    • Companies
    • Countries
    • Disability
    • Ethnicity
    • Expertise
      • Area
      • Level

    • Gender
    • JobTitles
    • Roles
  1. To add your own custom sub categories under any of the predefined Child nodes, follow the same process and click Save Node to make the custom metadata available to your user profile and who’s who pages.

Note: The predefined child node names are case sensitive.