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Insert a video

This article explains how to embed a basic video file. 

Although the video player supports various media formats, this example uses MP4, since it plays across all desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). We strongly suggest you always use MP4 video.

Insert an MP4 Video

  1. Edit the page where you want to insert the video.
  2. Right click where you want to insert the video.
  3. Select Insert Webcontrol from the menu.
  4. Then hover over Multimedia, and select Video Player, the Video Player web control properties screen will open.
  5. The screen will default to the Video Properties tab,  press the browse button to locate a video file in the content browser.
    • The content browser will only show folders in the tree where video content exists
    • Its possible to select from the MP4, WebM and FLV video content types.
    • OGV/OGG video is not available due to limited browser support

  6. Select a check box next to a content item in the Project Explorer and press Save, the file you selected will be populated within the Video input box.
  7. Press Save to insert the video into your page.

By default the player is set to a responsive layout, filling the width of the container that it has been inserted to, this provides the most flexible solution in a modern web site build.

To customise the layout options of the player read our article on video player layout options.