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Send to a friend web control

The send to a friend web control allows you to send the current page to a friend of yours via email. The web control will place a form on the page or template which asks for the email of your friend, your name and your email address so they know who is sending them the page. You can also optionally add a message to the email.

To insert the web control:

  1. Right click in the editor of a template or web page and select Insert Webcontrol.
  2. Navigate to User Interaction and click on the Send to a Friend web control.
  3. A window will pop-up that shows you all of the configuration options for the control.

Note: This control is intended for internal use only. If it is used on an internet website then the captcha must be turned on to reduce spam attacks on both your site and our infrastructure.

Control settings

For more customisation and details of the other settings within this web control, you can refer to our common web control settings list.


This is the name of the captcha that will be displayed on your page.

Message Failed Redirect Page

This allows you to browse for a page to display a message in the event that the send failed.

Message Sent Redirect Page

This allows you to browse for a page to display a message when the email was successfully sent.

Use Captcha

Dropdown of true or false, we recommend that you select True to cut down on spam. You will need to add a public and private key to Contensis to use the captcha validation. These can be set by going into project setting and changing the Captcha_PrivateKey and Captcha_PublicKey values.