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Active Directory update overview

The Active Directory (AD) Update enables changes made inside Contensis CMS to be propagated over to your corresponding AD user records. This is a separate process from the Active Directory synchronisation service as that will update your Contensis users from the AD records (i.e. the other way around.)

The AD Update allows users to manage part of their AD user records without requiring access to AD. Contensis users with access to the User Management screen would also be able to do this without requiring direct access to AD.

When user records are updated

If the AD update is enabled (see Active Directory update from Contensis CMS - Configuration), when changes are made to the relevant CMS user properties, the corresponding AD record properties are updated.

Unlike the AD synchronisation service (which runs at a specified time once a day), the AD is updated in real time. There may however be a slight delay of a few seconds before the changes are visible in AD.

The AD Update can be used either in conjunction with AD Synchronisation, or can be implemented on its own if required.

Which screens user records are updated from?

User records can be updated in four ways:

  1. In the CMS, the currently logged in user can update their own details on the User profile screen
  2. In the CMS, administrators can amend user records in the User Management screen of the Management Console
  3. On a published web site, the currently logged in user can update their own details on a web page which has the User profile web control
  4. If your CMS has the Who’s Who module, the currently logged in user can update their own details on a published web page with the Record web control.

Which AD user properties are updated?

If the AD Update is turned on, the following properties are updated on the corresponding AD user record by default:

  • Account Disabled
  • Account Locked
  • Email Address
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Division (Mapped to Company Name in Contensis)

It is not possible for AD usernames and passwords to be updated from the CMS.


Currently the AD Update does not support federated AD, only single AD domains.