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ZenHub houses documentation to support you if you’re using Contensis Classic. Contensis Classic includes our WYSIWYG and templating features. If you’re working with a newer version of Contensis, is your go-to place to find anything Contensis-related when building with content types.
The R83 documentation is unmaintained. There is a newer version of Contensis. Click to find out more and download the latest version.

Exclude content from search results

In many cases you might want to stop certain items of a page coming up in search results. For example if you have a link to a privacy policy in your footer you wouldn't want every page to appear for a search for privacy policy. In these instances you can wrap the code in the following noindex tags, which will stop the content within the tags from being indexed by the search engine.

You can use as many of these tags in a page or template as you like but they must be valid HTML and you cannot nest them inside themselves. Typically most users wrap their header and footer in these tags to stop site-wide content being indexed.

The search engine has a cache so if you want to test this immediately then you will need to restart the sites worker process for the change to become apparent and also preview your page.

Exclude pages from search results

You can also exclude whole pages from search results very simply.

  1. Edit the page you want to exclude from all search results.
  2. Open up the Properties tab.
  3. Under Publish Options, untick the selection Include in Search?
  4. Save  the page and Submit & Authorise it for the changes to be made.

You can also mass exclude files from the search results.

  1. Open up the content menu of a folder and select Manage Menu.
  2. You will see a list of all files inside the folder.
  3. You can select / deselect as many of these files as you like.
  4. When you've finished updating the search settings, click Save in the bottom of the screen.

If you can't see the Manage Menu option then you haven't been given the manage menu permission.