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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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  • Bug

    Component markup fields

    We've fixed an issue that related to the use of markup fields in components. If the component was set as repeatable within the content type, content within an entry would be lost if the component was repeated and the order was then changed.

  • Bug


    We've fixed an issue that prevented users from being able to order entries by their sys.version dates.

  • Bug

    Errors generated when using the 'Edit this page' link from published sites.

    We've fixed an issue that arose when attempting to save pages that had been opened to edit from the 'Edit this page' link. Clicking this link opened the page in a non edit version, which resulted in the error.

  • Bug


    We've fixed an issue where pressing the enter key when the focus was in any form field, would default to the main search in a page.

  • Bug

    Searching arrays

    We've removed the requirement for using [] brackets when searching arrays.

  • Bug

    Structured Content

    We've fixed an issue that arose when editing structured content pages which caused an error.

  • Bug

    Stylesheet assignments / unassignments for page templates

    We've fixed an issue around getting a collection of content items that was introduced as part of the fix to optimise css assignments / unassignments for templates.

Contensis 12.0

  • Bug

    Download as PDF link

    We've fixed an issue where the 'download as PDF' link failed to work. This now works correctly for standard and SaaS sites.