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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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  • New Feature

    TinyMCE Editor

    We've introduced functionality allowing a start heading level to be specified at content type level for html fields, ensuring that valid accessible html is created.    

Contensis 11.3

  • New Feature

    Entry version history

    You can now view, compare, and reinstate versions of an entry. Version history is accessible via the more actions menu in the entry editor.

  • New Feature

    Image API

    The new Image API provides an easier way to manage images for use on any platform or screen size. Now you can serve images that really meet the needs of the a users device, saving them time and bandwidth downloading files that are bigger than necessary.

    View the API documentation

  • New Feature

    Image cropping

    Images can now be cropped to a predefined size set by the new image dimensions property. Or a custom crop can be applied where more flexibility is required in content such as blog posts or news articles.

  • New Feature

    Image dimensions

    Its now possible to specify the dimensions of an image field in entries ensuring that the images selected by your authors meet the requirements of your content and design. When image dimensions are set on a field in your content type the image gallery will only return images that meet those requirements too.

  • New Feature

    Inline upload of images and assets

    You can now upload images and assets inline when creating entries, this saves you time and helps keep you in the flow of creating your content. To enable image and asset uploading you’ll need to enable the upload on the field in the content type builder.

    Images/assets can be:

    • Browsed for using your local file explorer
    • Dragged and dropped to the field from your computer
    • Dragged and dropped from the project explorer
  • New Feature

    System audits

    You can now see audited lists of actions in the Management console. The following audits are reported:

    • Users
    • Groups
    • Global Settings
    • Taxonomy
    • System