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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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  • New Feature

    ATX (Animation Master Plugin Format) files

    We've added support for uploading ATX (Animation Master Plugin Format) files to Contensis.

  • New Feature

    GML (Geography Markup Language) files

    We've added support for uploading GML (Geography Markup Language) files to Contensis.

Contensis 12.0

  • New Feature

    Asset permissions

    It's now possible to restrict who can create and upload assets to entries using roles. When a content type has an image/asset upload field you'll need to add an asset permission to any role that should be allowed to upload content.

  • New Feature

    Content type builder JSON view

    You may have been aware of a hidden feature allowing you to see the JSON of a content type. We've given this editor a polish, and it now works alongside our content type validation to allow you to make edits to a content type directly in JSON. You can easily switch between design and JSON view using the toolbar menu.

  • New Feature

    Management API - Assets

    You can now upload assets with the Management API – negating the need for our old WebAPI. This should make imports a lot simpler. You'll need to grant any API keys asset permissions to get started.

  • New Feature

    Management API - Nodes

    The new node methods in the Management API enable you to create and manage nodes without needing to open site view. If you already have a site structure in mind, want to import content from an existing system, or simply build a structure on the fly, our Management API provides the methods for you to make this a reality.

  • New Feature

    Preview entry at a site location

    You can now preview entries against the URL they are attached to in site view, as well as any development preview you have set up for your content type.

  • New Feature

    Site view

    Site view brings together your website structure and entry content. It provides a single place for site authors to create and manage content destined for the web – while keeping your content reusable.