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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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  • Update

    Project name

    We've made the project name readonly to prevent deployments breaking when the original name has been changed.

Contensis 12.0

  • Update

    Default order of taxonomy

    In version 11 when listing taxonomy using the API the default order was the order they were added to the database. This didn’t make much sense so we now order them alphabetically.

  • Update

    Delivery API: auto resolution of images, assets and entries

    The content type ID and URIs for images, assets and entries are now automatically resolved and included in a Delivery API response. You no longer need to use the LinkDepth property to obtain this additional information. This makes it especially helpful when you want to display a link or an image on a page without making extra requests.

  • Update

    Delivery API: geo-distance ordering

    When you carry out a distance within search using the Delivery API, we now return the distance for each location from the specified geo point based on the unit of measurement in the query. This enables you to easily order the results.

  • Update

    Delivery API: improved search query performance

    The performance of searches through our Delivery API has been drastically improved. The processing that used to take place after the content had been retrieved from Elasticsearch is now done upfront, shaving time from your performance budget. In some cases we’ve seen an increase of upto 50%.

  • Update

    Dropdown editor support for taxonomy and list field

    You can now set single selection taxonomy and list fields to use a dropdown. This should simplify some of those long lists in the entry editor.

  • Update

    Edit content type from entry editor / create new entry

    When you're beginning to model a content type, you sometimes find yourself switching between the content type builder and the entry editor as you make adjustments.

    • If you're a member of the content type administrators group, you'll now see an option to Edit the content type from the menu in the entry toolbar.
    • You'll also see the option to Create an entry from the content type menu if you are a member of a role that allows you to create entries of the type open in the content type builder.
  • Update

    Entry information panel additions

    We've added a couple of extra items to the entry informational panel:

    • Entry ID
    • Content type name and API name
  • Update

    Filter entry editor selection by content type

    You can now filter entries by content type when adding a linked entry to an entry field that has multiple content types assigned to it. This makes for more precise searches when an entry field has many different content types assigned. 

  • Update

    Keyboard support

    • All tertiary menus across the interface have been updated to be navigable using the keyboard.
    • CMD-S now saves changes in the entry, content type, components, roles and site view editors.
  • Update

    Preview entry {slug} support

    We've added support for assigning the entry slug in the preview URL option of a content type.