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What's new in Contensis

We are constantly improving Contensis by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here's what's been happening recently.

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Contensis 12.1

  • Update

    Copy to clipboard

    We've added a number of copy to clipboard buttons throughout the app to make it easier to copy Client IDs/shared secrets of API keys, as well as Field IDs and Entry GUIDs.

  • Update

    Drag and drop ordering in content types

    Reordering fields in the content type builder is now easier thanks to the introduction of drag and drop.

  • Update

    Duplicate existing fields

    Crafting fields in a content type can be time consuming – especially when it comes to creating composers, which can contain many different types of fields. You'll now find a duplicate field option in the field action menu.

  • Update

    Search entries by content owner(s)

    We've added the ability to search entries by content owner so you can locate content owned by a particular owner, or group of content owners.

  • Update

    Understand what component you've added

    We now show the name of a component when you add it to a content type, so you don't have to dig into the JSON to know which component you've added.